Picture post~

Because I’m lazy. Owen can sleep as long as he likes now, and eat whenever he wants (on trial, at least), but I still don’t feel like I’m sleeping all that well. Give it time, says me. For now, I’m going to slack off a bit on the things I have to do.


Owen has a little blue neck pillow, to help him to sleep differently so that he doesn’t get a flat spot on his head. That’s his didi’s hand next to him. Owen also sleeps in the bassinet now, having developed a bit of a combative relationship with his newborn napper. He’s two months old. :3 Still tiny, but he’s hit the 8lb mark, and he is 22in, so he’s growing.

When we went to pick up my medicine yesterday (argh) we eventually made our way to the books. There, I found this.



I have no idea who this is, and technically, I don’t care–except for one thing: he looks just like my Uncle David. It made my day.



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