Formative Reading

For some reason, I came across a copy of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit. It reminded me of a lot of my childhood. I read lots of Holocaust stories–although I have never read Anne Frank and do not know why. Not just expected stuff like Number the Stars, but also things like Jacob’s Rescue. I won a copy of the latter, and it had photos in it, I think…

Anyway, while I was reading, I came across the passage wherein Anna and Max are sent to buy pencils. They need them for their first French lesson, as they’ve had to move to Paris from Zurich (which they escaped to from Berlin). Armed only with a dictionary, they manage to buy two inexpensive pencils and go home with sixty centimes in change.

I hadn’t read WHSPR before, but I had read this bit before. It’s in the fourth grade reading comprehension textbook that I somehow wound up keeping. It’s still on my shelf. It’s the book that gave me my first glimpse of The Hobbit, Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, and entire section on medieval life, and spoiled the ending of A Wrinkle in Time (which I had been reading at the time).

I took it down, wondering what else was in there that I had forgotten, and lo, almost every novel it had borrowed excerpts from, I have read. A few are favourites, too–especially The Phantom Tollbooth. That was one I had already read by the time I had this book.

Sigh. It’s not been an easy time since the wedding. That was an all-day affair, and the next day we spent the day with family so that we could see Tom before he left. My dad’s brother is in town until Friday, and he’s way too much like their dad. My paternal grandfather always rather annoyed me. So I meant to refrain from visiting again until the weekend.

Then I got a sob-inducing migraine and had to retreat to la casa de mi mama. Seriously, nothing worked, and even generic Excedrin only killed the migraine about seven hours after I took it.

Owen likes his savta much better than me, but I think we both do better at home. His routine is easier here, it’s quieter (although maybe he likes the noise better?) and it’s not as bright. Still. He really likes his savta better than me. It’s kind of funny. Maybe it’s the novelty. Or just that many kids like their grandparents better than their parents. She does spoil him where I wouldn’t.

Hopefully, we’ll have a quiet couple of days so I can get back to work writing and not failing to keep up my blog. We got amazingly adorable photos of Owen, so I’ll have some up tomorrow, or at least give them to hubby to put on Faceplace or however that works.


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