Some writing at last!

It’s been a while. My health is sort of wonky lately, with both old and new medicine side effects that have been making life unhappy. But I’m back now, and I have a few things I want to blather on about over the next few days. Here’s hoping that Owen lets me, of course…

Anyway, yes. Writing. As in real prose and for a novel writing. :D Yesterday, Hubby took care of Owen long enough for me to write about 500 words in a first chapter. It’s not for anything that auditioned, but who really cares. I got something done! I then went on to get another page and a half or so in a notebook, which eventually brought me to about 1400 words.

It’s a slow start, considering how I used to do things, but it’s still good.

I might need a little more description closer to the beginning. It’s a balance I need to get the hang of again. I’m not sure where it went, or maybe I was never good at it. Wah.

So far, it’s about a girl named Sif who is quarrelling with her dad since her mum’s left them. But something is about to happen that will make that… well, not a trivial concern, but smaller and yet somehow more of a problem at the same time.

Like Spiderman’s life! Haha.


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