Slow going, but going

Hubby is acting as a sort of beta reader and sounding board. I obviously don’t have as much time as I used to (if only I could have used my tonnes of technically free time well…) since Owen likes to be the centre of my attention whenever possible. I have almost 3000 words, and I’m nearly done with the first chapter.

I know that my perfectionist nature is part of why it’s taking me so long to get back up to speed, but I can’t help it. Especially now, after having read so many books this year. I reached my initial goal of 150, and I’m already going forward to a secondary goal of 200. Not an additional 200, that would be stupid with only a couple of months left in the year. …wait, how long did it take me to get 150? More than three months, I’m betting. Huh.

Anywho. Excerpt!


Haneul rolled his eyes as he sat up straighter. “Come on, Sif. You’re stalling.”

She was, and she didn’t like him pointing it out. “Some of it’s embarrassing.”

“Is it as bad as getting caught skinny-dipping in your grandma’s pool?”

She snorted. “Can you really call it skinny-dipping when you’re four?”

“A question for the ages. Now, how bad is this?”

“Not that bad,” Sif admitted, willing away the memories of her grandmother’s annoyed face. “But it all adds up.”


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