I’ve spent the last week (or most of it) at my mum’s house, mostly in preparation for the Jonesies second baby. Once he arrives, I’ll have to be the one who stays with Abbie until she can go and visit her mummy and new brother at the hospital. She seemed to be okay when it was just the three of us (her, Owen, and me) and she still utterly dotes on Owen. So mission accomplished, maybe.

Might cut my visit short a day, since Abbie’s done fine with us minus Grammy/Savta and Aunt Marilyn is staying in town for (yet another) wedding. Fortunately, I don’t have to go to this one.

It’s been nice having a little more time to read. Mum’s house is a slightly higher altitude than our flat, so I hurt more here, but that’s to be expected. The weather also got stormy for a bit. Anywho, I finished three books. The Necromancer series, such as it currently is, and the first Murdoch book.

Since the television series and even the movies are more well-known than the books, it’s pretty much impossible to find a review of the book series or any single book in it–especially the first one–without the television series being mentioned. Which is too bad, because the nearly universal opinion (with which I agree) is that the television adaptation is far better.

It’s really sad, actually. The books are so-so, as far as I’m concerned, but they’ll always be graded that much lower by the daunting percentage of people who have read and will read them because of liking the television adaptation. Yes, Dr Ogden isn’t in the first book. (is she in any of them? I’m only on the second) Yes, George and Brackenreid are completely different, and neither as endearing. And yes, Murdoch himself is nothing like the charming, eagerly academic, soft-spoken yet firm (and let’s not forget attractive) Yannick Bisson.

So what?

Really. So what? This might be an issue if the books were not the source material. This way round, it’s just… different. Different isn’t bad.

Lacklustre characters are bad. Too much viewpoint-hopping is very bad. A disappointing conclusion to the mystery is fatal. Those are my reasons for giving the first book a reluctant 3/5, not the fact that it isn’t exactly like this.

To be fair, the viewpoint jumps didn’t actually bother me much at the time–but this was because I’d just read Hold Me Closer, Necromancer and Necromancing the Stone. That series really needs an editor. Considering the typos and formatting mistakes, never mind the viewpoint jumps, I don’t know if the first two books had an editor…

…HA. And thanks to Zemanta, I know that the second book’s title isn’t even as original as I thought. Is that what I missed in not watching Charmed?


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