New arrival, but not quite yet

Last night, Stephanie’s baby earned his first activity-based nickname: False Alarm Jones. There were contractions, and they were steady, but he isn’t ready yet. Still, Owen and I are ready to leave and keep Abbie company as soon as we’re needed.

Speaking of my little Kermit the Flail, he’s asleep right now. On me. It makes typing hard, but it’s so comfy.

He had his four-month checkup, and weighs almost 12 pounds. They measured hi height, but didn’t bother to tell us what it is, so I’ll have to look it up when he’s not using me for a bed.

I am doing particularly poorly.  I can barely walk and after less  than a week of dermatological treatments, I have a new skin problem. This one is very uncomfortable.

anyway. i have an idea for a blog post that I’ve wanted to do for a while. Hopefully I’ll find time later.


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