Things Don’t Go as Planned

This is my limbo post. I did not get to write part 2. However, I don’t want to just let the day get completely away, hence the limbo post full of typos I can blame on the iPad.

Owen had his first try at rice cereal. He is… not ready, haha. But he was so happy! He smiled the whole time, like he thought it was funny. He has seen me eat with a spoon, so it was like, “What are you doing, mum? That’s you’re food.”

He smiles all the time, and he plays with toys that are probably a little beyond him. He hugs his stuffed duck and the baby doll from the nightlight his grandma gave him.

Meanwhile, I seem to be stuck in the worst flare-up of my life. I can barely walk, and it’s not terrfically possible to carry a four-month-old while walking with a cane.

But right now we’re at Savta’s house, so maybe I’ll have a chance later.


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