No new baby yet, sorry

I’ve gone missing because as soon as I got home, I pretty much stopped being able to walk. This is boring to some people, I’m sure, but it’s officially scary since, weather changes or no, I’m on hardcore medication that can cause literally lethal complications. And it’s apparently not working. Still boring, probably.

Anyway, I’m still doing a lot of things, although it doesn’t seem like I can do much. I finally got the last two books in the Hunchback Assignments, and I’m not sure if the fourth is the absolute last since I just started it, but if it doesn’t end the series officially, it will end it for me.

When I finish it, I’m going to do another reading challenge, although I’ll have to stagger it since I have more than two library cards to work with this time, and the one I want to get books with first is limited to fourteen day loans.

I went a long time in between books, and the first obnoxious thing out of bloody Octavia’s mouth reminded me exactly why there is one main character in these books that I like. Secret: it’s not her. She’s one of the worst kinds of female characters, and the worst thing about it is that Modo, who is the only main character I like, fancies himself in love with her.

Spoilers for those who care or even know what I’m talking about.

She is crude, unkind, constantly cracking “jokes” that are both unfunny and made worse by the painful positive reception, usually from Modo. Other than the poor humour and unfortunate underline, which are the writer’s fault showing, these could just make her an annoying character. Or maybe even a good one.

The problem is that she looks down on men and other woman, and is clearly set up to be thought of by the readers as better than they are. When she sees someone in the third book who is shouting and mistreating her crew of men, Octavia grins and says, “I like her.” This is NOT being tough. It’s being an asshole. Strong women–heck, strong people–do not need to put others down in order to feel or seem strong.

I’m a stay-at-home mum. Granted, I had to give up working because of disability, but I would have liked to stop working to be with Owen anyway. Does that make me less than someone who works? No. Someone who faints at the sight of blood isn’t less than someone who doesnt’. (In fact, they usually have a condition that makes the fainting entirely involuntary)

I really hate this character. Other than the nastiness and parading about like readers are supposed to believe that she’s wonderful, (and the fact that some people would love her because hatred and meanness are apparently attractive) she’s not even a good romantic interest, which is clearly her only role.

Sure, she’s supposed to be a competent agent. It’s her fault that their secret base is burned down at the end of the third book. She “teases” Modo, excessively. She also keeps lording it over him that she’s saved his life. Sigh. She doesn’t respect him or anyone very much, if at all–at least, not unless they agree with her on everything and give her control. Of course, then she’s liable to think them weak for not standing up to her.

When she finally sees Modo’s face, after obsessing over it,  she not only shows her horror at his deformity, but tells him that she “always dreamed of a handsome prince.” Which he isn’t. She rejected him unequivocally. And then in the very next book, she’s jealous and angry at him because they’re all reminded that another girl (an intelligent one who openly cared for and respected him, even kissed him and blamed herself for not being able to face his deformity without a negative reaction!) exists.

Argh. If they at any point end up together, I’m done. I don’t care if there are five more books after this one.


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