Owen is more active than I am

I wonder if I have people to apologise to for not updating for like a year. Probably I don’t, and if I did, should I apologise? I feel so awkward. Which probably contributed to my blog staying hiatus’ed. Mostly, I wish I had written down some of the thoughts I’ve had, or that I had had the wherewithal to turn it into a baby blog (I don’t think I would really). Mostly I wish that I had written more.

The other day I re-read and edited something. I ended up enjoying my own writing and adding to it. Not on a major scale, but it was fun.

Last year, I read over 200 books. This year my goal is 250, and I am at about six right now. I’d like to do another challenge, but right now I’m finishing a couple of series. Something I’m going to add if I can get back to regular blogging, is a currently reading list at the bottom.

But as nice as it is to read, I want to get some more writing done. I’m working on that.


Currently reading:

  • Throne of Jade – Naomi Novik
  • The Reckoning – Kelley Armstrong
  • Rise of the Evening Star – Brandon Mull
  • Dead Reckoning – Charlaine Harris

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