Book Rage – Sidekicks

Things I didn’t like about Sidekicks (by Jack D Ferraiolo)

  • Further pointless dissing of old superhero tropes with an illustrated lack of understanding comic book history
  • Sets itself in a generic comic book universe after the jacket derided the existence of same. Fuck you, JDF.
  • Dumb lines that I think are meant to be humour. “I guess it’s true what they say…steroids can make you strong, but they can’t make you funny.” NO ONE HAS EVER SAID THIS WHAT ARE YOU I DON’T EVEN.
  • General lack of understanding of anything. Case in point, a villain takes a woman hostage and seems to have issued no formal demands to people who would pay for her release!! He’s just there holding her while the main character stares. HOSTAGE-TAKING DOESN’T WORK LIKE THIS. You can’t just grab someone and then go dangle her over a ledge, screaming a dollar amount into the wind, and expect money to appear.
  • Kid just peeked at the traumatised woman’s bra. I am about to put this book through a wall.
  • And when she thanks him, he gets an erection. Goodbye book, hello new hole in the wall.

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