Please stop making fun

I have read a couple of books about superheroes of late. Some were about existing ones, some were new guy efforts. The biggest problem I had with the original fiction was that the books tended to have a varying amount of sneering mockery. Making fun of the costumes, the names, any trope you can think of–to no bloody purpose.

Imagine that phrase said with a grave finality at each word. It makes me sad, and tired. To see this over and over again. I get that there are tropes and clichés in many genres. But even when they’re silly or annoying, they aren’t mean. This is mean.

It might be different if it were one writer saying something new. But it’s old hat. Almost superhero novel I’ve ever read has made fun of superhero comics. The exception is probably Ordinary Boy, and even then, I’m not sure there’s no element of this. And the worst of it is that this is being done by people who profess to love the medium.

So confusing and unhappy-making.

What’s the solution? Consider a divorce from the tropes of comics? Create a new set of expectations for superhero novels? Ones with a basis in comics are fine, I’m sure, but what about the originals? Ugh. I don’t know. It feels like it’s late. The clock claims it isn’t.

My reading list is still the same, I’ll try to update it either when something on it changes or when it’s been a few days.


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