Pretty Colleen

I like ideas. And Irish accents. Something said in an Irish accent during my childhood has always stayed with me. It’s not from a particularly grand place, but it does sound striking. To me, at least.

“What’s the pretty colleen hiding?”

Said with menace then, but it doesn’t have to be menacing. I also love the word colleen. Anyway, it’s one of my ideas.

A sort of fish-out-of-water setup, but then the fish turns out to be from the family exocoetidae. There’s also a revolving door to fantasyland.

Maybe it’s nothing new, but I like it. Fantasylands are a dear favourite of mine. No surprise when you look at my list. Wizard of Oz, Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, even Fablehaven, though that’s not really the same thing at all.

I’d go on, but the little man is making baby whale moans. :)


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