I’m writing again, and I have proof!

It certainly helps that Owen is off on a playdate with his grandma. But I have actually been working on a come-back for a while now. At first, it was going to be a serial, but that wasn’t going quite the way I wanted it, and I got back into email role-playing (yay!). Missing the former was the reason I had started my serial, and without that, I can probably go back to it without that hang-up.

While I work on it, I’m going to post one here a week. If that goes well, then I might do another that I think is a lot more ambitious. But that’s in the future. Also something I may not be able to do right away, right away, since I want to do Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I’m working on a phase outline, and I need a lot more before I’m done. Right now I have written 46 phases out of 300. It’s an outlining method that I may have mentioned a million years ago, but you can read about it here.

An example of my phases:

  • (001) Clarity Poppins (Clare) is intent on getting home. She has cramps because her period just started. It’s a dark, creepy night, but she is too crampy to care. She gets her keys out and realises that the door is open.
  • (002) Elijah Cohen the vampire is ransacking her flat (in America) and she tries to fight him. It comes to a standstill, he vamp-faces to scare her.
  • (003) Vampface backfires. Clare freaks out, gets mace. Elijah staggers around, and trips on a lamp cord. He goes through the window.

For those who don’t want to read the link, the idea is to write about 200 words based on a phase. Each. I have to work on that some more today. Before we have to drive out to Valley Fair and get pictures taken. Blech.

My proof that I’ve been writing, excerpted from the first part of the serial I mentioned:

It only took a minute for the swoons to pass and the crowd to fold over him. The country had to be filled to capacity with people in from all over the world. Participation, parties, and romance. What more draw could they have added? Finn smiled and relaxed into the swell of strangers. They were headed in the right direction, after all.

The Executive Ballroom was lit up like a Christmas tree. A red carpet had been rolled out the front doors and a good way towards the sidewalk proper. Once Finn had stepped onto the carpet, the crowd tamed into a wide queue.

Hopefully I’ll write a few more before I post the whole thing. Back to phasing now.

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