Camp NaNoWriMo April 2014!

I have been writing that a lot, actually. On Evernotes, folders, places like that. I have a lot of notes for it, a good idea for where the story goes (though not where it ends), and I feel good about getting this thing written.

HabitRPG came up in conversation–I think through email–so I had a look at it today. It’s a lot more functional than it used to be, and much more fun. There are parties, quests, challenges, and because of challenges, guilds have more function than over-stuffed chats! I updated mine a bit, without going overboard, and opted in to a couple of challenges. Also made myself a solo party so that I could tackle a quest.

You can totally tell that Owen is asleep right now. He’s doing better at naps, and I’ve learned to adjust to how he wants to take them. His doctor wouldn’t approve, but she doesn’t have to live with him. And his vocal cords. Or the echo. Hehe, now I’m kind of kidding. Anyway.

Being back on Habit means that I had to make a choice about blogging. I didn’t really want to stop, but I have so much to do that when I got a chance to relax, blogging is not how I wanted to spend the time. I have decided to get back to regular blogging, with Habit RPG to force me to keep to it, but to do it a little less often than I used to, and possibly less often than I would like. Every other day, for now, and not on weekends. So I’ll either skip Friday as well this first time, or start that schedule on Monday.

So. Camp NaNoWriMo. I had one idea with phases and things, but then I realised that I kept getting caught up in an older idea that I’ve been knocking around for years. It’s something I like to call the Absurdiverse, and the serial I mentioned forever ago is a part of it. The Absurdiverse has ten characters that I always like to write, often with one another, although some don’t make an appearance. They’re a little like actors. Their names change from one thing to another, and their appearances vary, to a greater or lesser extent. So far, romantic entanglements have remained largely the same. It seems weird at this point to change them up. But some of them are defaulted single, and therefore it’s not weird for them to be with someone different every time.

I kept the title, Deactivate the Sky, and found that it actually works better for this idea than the one to which it was originally attached.

Owen is used to visiting his grandma, and I’ve already asked her to help out in April so I can get a little time for this. Also might ask a cousin to come and sit with him. Gotta get into good habits. Camp starts in three days.


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