Camp NaNo Apr 2014 Day 2

Day One went really well. Owen actually napped, and then he went to visit his grandma. So I ended up having an entire afternoon and evening to myself (minus D&D). End of the day wordcount was about 10,000. Woohoo!

But today has been slow going. It was easier with only two characters, and the third makes things awkward in a lot of ones. Mostly intentional. But with the character currently in the viewpoint chair thrown into awkward rather than dangerous situations, I find that the narrative keeps reaching a natural end to the chapter. I need at least 800 words before I can end this chapter.

It’s funny, 8oo is a big number, but its size in words varies. In a blog post, it’s rather long. In poetry, it’s either epic or excessive. In a book,  it’s just a four pages or so. That last one bifurcates at least once. When reading, 800 words is five minutes. Maybe ten, depending on the person (and the book). When writing, further bifurcation, 800 minutes can be twenty minutes or two hours.

Maybe I just need a short break. Then I’ll get back in there and have them fight a building or something.

Yesterday, I read the Tao of Pooh. It had been on my TBR list for a while, and I had actually an ebook floating around. But yesterday, I finally decided to actually crack it open. (so to speak)

I really liked the earlier bits. It was a straightforward explanation of Taoism with an optimistic outlook. Then it turned nasty. I don’t know anything about the writer, but he suddenly seemed incapable of praising what he put forward as good, without condemning anything that he felt was not precisely that thing. Simplicity is good, and complexity and cleverness are–not evil, but reprehensibly, pathetically stupid. He was condescending and offensive. He all but said that anyone who disagreed with him was a bloody idiot who deserved to die. I’m not even exaggerating. He compared Taoism to other religions as a paragon over poop.

While I don’t know much about Tao, I don’t think being a judgmental asshole is supposed to be part of it.


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