Funny Phase

…oh dear, I realised just after typing the post title that I made a horrible pun. Hopefully no one will groan too hard.

I’m working on some phases (getting quite a lot done in a short amount of time, too!) and one of the ones I wrote today is pretty funny. The story is one I mentioned a while back on this very blog, one of the ones that had an audition. Brave in Ribbons, with a bit of updating and logical inference. Lots of the latter, actually. I can’t turn my brain off, so I keep changing things or trying to explain things so that it all makes some kind of sense. Main character’s name is Julie now, btw.

Anyway. The phases I was writing for chapter five went on a curve after a particular change. The bodyguard she had, which turns out to have been her cat all along, would not have been kept a secret by her grandfather. He’s upfront, for all that he has a part in a masquerade. He wouldn’t let a guy just run around in a cat shape while his granddaughter had no idea. So this guy has been sneaking into service. Wants to protect her.

Why shall have to come up later. For now, the phase I wrote after they all find out some of this is the funny thing I have to post.

[tail end of phase 75] She asks if she’s in danger, and why Ash cares.

(076) He says yes, and then tells her quite simply that he loves her. She is taken aback. If she was a few years older, Ash says, she would have struck him. She says that she’s glad she isn’t, if she’s just going to go around hitting people after her birthday. Maybe there’s a fountain of youth in the March Lands, so she can stay thirteen forever and stave off her violent future.He grins, saying that she understands him completely. She scoffs and says that he is only a cat after all. Cats love people, but only humans say that they love anyone.

Of course, he isn’t a cat, but Julie doesn’t know the word when someone says what he is. She might have said different things. And she probably would have hit him.

Almost at 100 phases, which will be the 1/3 mark. But right now, I’m gonna take a break to read A World Without Princes. Just got it yesterday~


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