So many books!

I am currently ploughing through a list of books that I am going to call my Roadblock List. I am calling it this for a couple of reasons. It started out as the ten books I had to read for a slow challenge. Not a time thing, but to read all ten even if I didn’t like them. I need to do that occasionally, so I can find something to like in what I think I dislike, and to broaden my range. In particular, My Sister’s Reaper is a book that I had no interest in. It was okay, and there were some things to like. I didn’t hate it as I had though I would.

Anyway, that was the list at first. Then I splurged on books and bought like four in a day. So I put them on my list to make sure that I read them sooner than next year. Then I had a bunch of holds and some preorders come in. And I went to the library (building) for the first time in yonks. So the list got pretty long.

Last Sunday, I finished two of the books. Yesterday, I finished two more, plus one that wasn’t on the Roadblock List. I am making headway!

I had been reading several of them at the same time, so now that I’ve finished the ones I already started, I’m actually on page one of the rest. (except for Pale Fire, but then, try to pin down what page you’re on in that book…) At least, I was when I first got up. Now I’m on about page 10 in Guarding the Princess and page 9 of Siren’s Secret. I’ve been using Ivona Reader so I can listen to books while keeping my hands free for whatever else I’m doing. It is awesome, if you’re into that kind of thing.


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