Benno’s internal clock still needed some tweaking. He woke before dawn. The fire had died, leaving the morning chill free to prickle the backs of their necks.

Roy slept on, curled up under his blanket. Lopsided. His injured leg stuck out. Benno adjusted Roy’s cover with his own blanket, and then got up. Underfoot lifted her head, one ear drooping. She yawned a wide, toothy yawn that looked like she was trying to swallow the world, beckoning it with the curved c of the tip of her tongue.

Haha, you can totally tell I’ve been reading Something Wicked This Way Comes. I might finish it today, and then my writing may go back to normal.

BTW, this is the beginning of Chapter Three. I finished Chapter Two yesterday, and it clocked in around 6K words. If I can expand at least five phases a day, then I think I’ll be done in two months.


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