Vacation approacheth

It’s about crunch time. I’m taking Owen to Oregon in this Saturday next. We still have a lot to do. For one thing, I don’t think I have enough clothes that I can pack for a week-long trip roughly two weeks in advance, so I’m not packed. I have to refill my some medications…. and now I realise that I also have to learn how to pack one of them, since it’s liquid and so probably can’t go on a plane.

Well that one thought there has just about ruined my day.

We also have a party to plan, which is in a couple of days. It’s mostly planned, it’s just approaching. And takes place exactly a week before we have to get on the plan. And we don’t have a copy of Owen’s birth certificate. Which we need to fly. He also has to have his 12-month baby checkup before we leave, and we barely got that scheduled yesterday. It’s a longer appointment than usual, I have to get a shot of my own, and blood drawn, so we’re going to be in that building for hours.

I’m a little stressed out.


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