Home again and also books

So we just spent a week in Oregon. Owen was immensely popular and made friends with the dog. They were adorable. Especially when Owen tried to get on his back and go for a ride. He also played with an old guitar and ate a drumstick (chicken). I don’t have any of those pictures, but hopefully, I’ll get some soon.

Since I was on holiday, I was able to read nine books while I was gone, which is just crazy. Even crazier is the fact that I still have nearly twenty books on my currently reading list. Probably doesn’t help that at least half of the books I read were not on the list, but oh well. I am terribly unorganised.

This week, I’m setting a goal to freewrite for fifteen minutes a day, and I will also try to read a few specific books on my list.

  • Acorna’s People
  • Another Faust
  • The House of Power

There. Three is a much more manageable list.

Not sure how I will organise my freewriting, but if I’m happy with it at all, I’ll probably post it. Anybody got any favourite methods of freewriting?


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