I am such a dork

Soooo I was in such a rush for June to just be OVER that I didn’t realise that June finally being over not only happened, but resulted in July starting. So I lost a couple of days of Camp NaNo…ing.

Which is fine. I actually thought it was really funny when I did realise it. I was in the middle of journaling on 750 Words. I had had an idea for a first line in the shower. So rather than panic and feel really, really dumb, I wrote down my first line and then continued from there. It’s not perfect, but it was a decent start. And I didn’t even have to take refuge in first person.

Luckily, I never planned on the usual 50K. My goal is 30K, and I’ve gotten a little over a thousand words both yesterday and today, so I’m decently on track. I’m not using an outline, which probably saved me time, since I had this idea only a couple of days ago.

I had to get my writing done as soon as I could today because we’re going to meet with family for swimming and probably some kind of food. I don’t really know what all of their plans are yet. But I can’t wait to see Owen’s face when he gets to go in the pool.


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