Dresden Files game tomorrow

To be entirely candid, right now I am so tired that I don’t care what I do tomorrow. I didn’t sleep last night, and had to start the day at the bumcrack of dawn. It’s been a noisy day, and not the cool kind of noise like rain or crews working on the street. I’m talking somebody antagonising a shrill dog for ten straight minutes, kids shouting abuse at each other, car alarms, barely running motorcycles… And I think there’s a hole in the wall that is lettin in beetles the size of my swollen thumb. ARGH. All I can think of right now are nasty, negative things that don’t even have form. I’m tired, depressed, and just plain grumpy.


Those who have read even the first book in the Dresden Files know that I am absolutely not joking. Those who haven’t… It’s called Storm Front, and I recommend the audio version, read by James Marsters.

So, armed with my crappy mood and Family Force 5 (Watch Me Walk Like a Zombie and Love Addict), let’s figure out what kind of  crusty hero I want to play.

Somebody who’s been kicked around a lot. The kind of metaphorical kicking that leaves visible marks. So she’s a little rough around the edges. And she can’t just let a bully go without even a remark. Maybe a Bodyguard as a “high concept.” Or the Wolverine-like hanger-on for a cobbled together X-children community.

Brevity is important. “Paladin” for example, says quite a lot in a single word. Hmm. One just hit me: Cleaner. More refined than rough. Quietly competent. Potentially as “in the know” as even a wizard, but with a rather different relationship with the lesser known aspects of the world. Hehe, I would totally play like the lady version of Dwight Hendrickson.

Okay, I like that. And in honour of both my wretched mood and Dwight, I’ll call the character Ms Courtney Edge.


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