Homestar Runner

The way I first found Homestar Runner is kind of dumb. I used to be really into Kisekae, and I even made a few dolls for the PlayFKiSS. One of the dolls I downloaded was actually a clever bit of coding that resembled an old Tamagotchi. I don’t remember all the details, but there was a link in there somewhere that led to Homestar Runner.

It was probably two or three in the morning. I didn’t sleep at night back then. But I think we loaded up every single watchable thing on the site. It was still pretty new. There were either no sbemails or only a few. They were not jamming with They Might Be Giants and the puppet yet.

My brother and I became such huge fans that we bought the CD when it came out, and I still wish I had gotten him a Kick the Cheat. Especially since Owen would have adored it. I wonder if they still sell them… I doubt it. The creators have kind of moved on into a more professional circle. Long ago, even.

But HR is such a deeply ingrained part of my humour that we just shared the in-joke “I have an idea!” and I couldn’t remember where I had heard it.

Ah, my formative years. Maybe I should have spent them reading more Russian literature. But the way it went down, I can imagine the Brothers Strong acting out scenes as the Brothers Karamazov. And that’s pretty awesome.

2 thoughts on “Homestar Runner

  1. Explaining Homestar Runner humor to people entirely unfamiliar with Homestar Runner is difficult. Which is a shame, because everyone should be familiar with Homestar Runner.

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