Bit of cleaning up and Netflix for Books

My book and music pages have been pointless for a very long time, so I trashed them. I never had the time to update them, and it’s a lot easier for a page to be static, anyway.

I did toy with the idea of creating a Reading Challenges page. That’s one I would have to update whenever something change (book finished or DNF’d) and it would keep down some Reading Challenge types of posts. Then I could just add at the end of whatever other blog post I write that I ended or began a challenge. I dunno.

Not long ago, it seemed like I had very few inlets for new books. My hands hurt too much to allow for my hard copies and I didn’t have a decent e-reader. Then I remembered Overdrive and the fact that I have three library cards, and my iPad saw ludicrously frequent use, especially after I started using Voiceover for hands-free reading.

Still, there’s only so much available on Overdrive, even allowing for multiple ODLs. I gave myself a monthly book budget, joined Audible, and the BookGorilla mailing list. But at heart, I’m still a library girl. Free books are nice, but if it’s a stinker, I want the thrill of throwing it back to the library and good riddance.

So I looked around for what almost all marketing strategies have called “Netflix for books.”

  • Entitle
  • Oyster
  • Scribd
  • Kindle Unlimited

In my opinion, Entitle doesn’t count, since it isn’t really Netflix for Books, more like Audible for ebooks rather than audiobooks. Which is fine, but not my thing.

Oyster and Scribd are about a dollar difference in their subscription price, so the other differences are the ones that matter. I tried both, and I have found Scribd to be immensely superior. Oyster has an inferior book collection, and I found the interface to be laggy and just plain ugly. It helps that I got a free year subscription for Scribd because of Smashwords, but honestly, I didn’t even use all of the free trial on Oyster. (seriously, I used it for less than three days)

I have yet to try Kindle Unlimited. This is partially because I don’t think they’re completely clear and upfront about what it entails. I’ve read that it comes with a complimentary three months of Audible, which I doubt will apply to people who already use Audible, and if it does, I’m afraid it would clash with the fact that I requested my account go on hold less than a month ago. (hiatus lasts three months) Worse, in the buzz of blog posts and comments, I swear I saw someone say something about having to cancel their Audible membership to get Kindle Unlimited, which makes no sense.

Anyway, now I have Overdrive, Scribd, and both digital and tangible books I own. As well as Audible, let’s count that. I have gone from too few inlets to too many.



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