The Bleachers Incident

Last night, we took a stab at Dresden Files RPG combat. To be honest, I still have no clue what is what when it comes to stats, character sheet, or fudge dice. I still got to do something pretty awesome.

My character is pretty much the one I thought up in my dreadful Mood, a cleaner with cryptid leanings (namely, book-learning magic). The three elements to which she claims affinity are metal, fire, and air. Metal is a foremost, because when one thinks city, one thinks metal. I can totally see myself reducing the size of a man’s ring to get him to talk.

Not enough to make him lose a finger, obviously. Because that lacks finesse. And I am a professional.

Anywho, our mock battle took place in a high school baseball diamond. The first thing I thought of was to make sure everyone knew there would be metal, non-folding bleachers, lights, and the DM supplied the chainlink fence. With that much metal around, really, it was a matter of choice and purpose.

This incubus-y thing bad-mouthed Nick, who is the mafia boss (though not a don). He tried to intimidate it, and it came to a scuffle. Goons that were actually ghouls came at us. First Jared got attacked, which started me considering my status as a “glass cannon.” So I argued that it would make sense for there to be very low level men in black to absorb a hit or two on my behalf.

That discussion got a little… Gordian. Moving on to the cool.

I ended up needing my LLMIB for his intended defensive measures. After doing so, I moved into a more open are (I’d been in the dugout) and used my metal magic to slam a set of bleachers into the incubus, who was also flustered because of something Nick had done. Tagging left and right, I was. I don’t remember if he had taken any damage, but my cleaner does not screw around. That one-hit wonder smashed him right into a discussion about whether or not he should be considered dead.

Now the ring reduction spell would be much more subtle…


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