Periphery to my reading

I just saw a review that made me so mad it gave me tinnitus. It was a favourable review for a good book. But it also cited reasons that the book in question was difficult to find. The American bent really disgusted me. It’s a British author, and the book is set in England. Yet this reviewer actually said that US readers would be confused by the treatment of the Irish at the time…as if that were a strike against the book.

Just to clarify, nowhere in the book is prejudice against the Irish condoned or encouraged–quite the opposite in fact. My problem is that anyone thinks that ignorance is a good thing. He compared it to how racial prejudice happens in America, simplifying it to a question of White and Not-White. Apparently while commenting that American students aren’t taught about Ireland’s political history, he should have also mentioned they are also not being taught about the horrible way Irish immigrants were treated in America. But I guess he hasn’t read Angela’s Ashes, or even Murphy’s Law.


I just started reading Accidental Prince today, and I got a little stuck in the beginning. It’s the fourth in a series, and I can’t find the first book (which may be a novella?) but it isn’t immediately confusing, so I probably won’t have trouble with that.

What I actually had trouble with was the princess’s abusive father. The guy is a king. Personally, I have always imagined royalty being too dignified to touch anyone even to embrace. So when I read scenes like this:

His fists struck the back of her head, and stars exploded in her vision. The king knew exactly where to punish her so that it would not leave a visible mark.


…As the king advanced toward her, Serena let out a broken supplication, ‘Please, Father.’

But her words meant nothing to him as he curled his fingers and raised his fists.

Most of the emotional impact was lost as I tried to stop picturing the king as a weird Chibi SD anime character pinwheeling his fists like cartoon Kermit-flail while she ducks and actual stars kind of pulse by her head.

I really need to get a new Wacom

I really hope that I can still try to take this book seriously.


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