Reading Rainbow

Today, I realised that the only books Owen has been reading for a while have been the same books. Especially Where is Baby’s Belly Button? and (controversially abridged boardbook) Jabberwocky. I also realised that I hadn’t even added some of his most repeated books. I logged in to Goodreads and added them, then looked for any sign of the Baby Einstein boardbooks he reads, but those don’t count because they have like five pages each and are really just pretend books. Toy books, if you will.

So after I sadly deleted the Moomin book we had tried to read (he grabs pages, so anything not made of solid board is a no-no) and reminded myself to someday re-tackle Edward Tulane with him, I had a think about how to get him some new books.

First thing I did was open up Nighty Night, the bedtime story app that I usually hand over to Abbie when she is in a dreadful mood. He likes it, especially the fish and the pig grunting, but it’s only one story and it’s not technically a book, it’s more of a game. Then I thought of Reading Rainbow.

Holy crap, this app is amazing. I love it. There are little islands for each category of books, and unlike every single other kids book library app (MeMe Tales for example), the books are FREE. I haven’t used it long enough to see how truly limited non-subscribing usage is, but it seems like almost all videos are subscriber only, and I think the National Geographic island is sub-only. It may also be limited to only five books until subscribing, but I don’t know yet. He only read three books.

The books all come with audiobooks (they’re less than fifty pages long, but it’s still a super nice feature, especially for kids who have yet to learn to read entirely on their own and are sick of your voice or want to do it themselves). There are sticker achievements for the first time they read a book. It’s amazing.

I want one for teens and adult readers. Seriously, this would be effing awesome. There would be an island for every genre! Achievements, scoreboards! Okay, maybe not scoreboards. The Romance island would have tonnes of little islets for the subgenres. I want to see the graphic for Cowboy Vampires.


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