I could really use a candy apple

Too bad you just can’t find them anywhere anymore. The last time I had a candy apple, I think we were at Disneyland.

Last night it took about an hour (a loud hour) to get Owen to go to sleep, and he didn’t stay until I just broke down and let him sleep with us. Of course that meant I didn’t really sleep, but it’s way better than getting up and laying down only to get back up again five minutes later.

Still, tomorrow should be lots of fun. We’re taking Owen to a discovery thing at Thanksgiving Point. The name is a little nebulous, I think it’s been changed once or twice, and I’m dripping brain cells, so I’m just glad I can keep a schedule and type.

People are shouting outside. I really wish I could thicken the windows somehow. This is not a conversation I want to listen in on. Bleh I need more sleep.

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