Not Looking Forward to the Movie Anymore

This is a little complicated. A while back, I discovered Adam Rex’s art (through Dan Dos Santos, I think) and fell in art-love. He is effing awesome. Then I found out he also writes books and I had a fully developed man crush. This is a guy who promoted his book series about evil corporations and breakfast cereal by wearing a bunny suit.

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich is one of my favourite children’s books. I like it even more than Flat Stanley, and Flat Stanley affected me to the point that I made my mum take the bulletin board off my wall.

I started reading The True Meaning of Smekday when I was in the hospital after Owen was born. I didn’t finish it, and true to form, I kept letting it slide down my reading queue. But it stayed in easy reach, and I talked to people about what I had read of it. For a while, it’s sort of enjoyed a vague yet constant love.

It’s funny when you love a book without having read it. For example, I may never read Cake, A Fairy Tale but I love it for its title. This kind of book love is valid, though not as fulfilling as the love one might have for say, Redwall. It is literally impossible for me to know how many times I have read that book. I nearly destroyed a paperback with re-reading (I am currently on my third copy). I got the audiobook from the library and changed tapes in an unending cycle. There was no such thing as a last tape, because I popped the first one in directly after the last had ended.

So yeah. Every type of book love is extremely valid. Some just have much more impact.

And loving a book can make one protective of it. I don’t mean protective of criticism (which is usually just because someone can’t separate criticism of a thing they like from criticism of him/herself). I mean protective of pending and released adaptations.

The True Meaning of Smekday has had a shit time of it. In the transition from book to movie, it has been delayed multiple times, renamed until it’s not only unrecognisable but requires clunky manoeuvring to search for on the Internet, and picked and nicked at for seemingly minor details that seriously matter.

It was called Happy Smekday, which I thought was pretty good. Now it’s called Home, which is just… I really hate it. I don’t care if Adam Rex himself likes it. It’s a terrible title. You have to know who’s making it because typing “home movie” is not going to cut it in a search. (trying it actually broke my internet….)

The trailers. ARGH. When I searched for them around THE ORIGINAL RELEASE DATE, I couldn’t even find one. Then the other day, I thought, I wonder if that wasn’t just scrapped, so I looked. The trailers are AWFUL. One of them is clearly trying to play on the popularity of the Minions. Boov are so not Minions. That is like saying that going to the zoo is like playing Pokemon.

And the minor details. Like names. I guess I understand why they would change J Lo to Oh, and the scene explaining the name was actually funny. But names are important. And the name was the first thing I ever heard about this book. A post on Adam Rex’s blog had some drawings of J Lo and the name. It’s why I bought the book in the first place. And Gratuity just being Tip bothered me a lot. I don’t care if someone else thinks it’s potato rage.

“So,” Said the Boov, wiggling his legs, “what have I to call you?”

I thought a moment. He wasn’t calling me Tip. Only friends called me Tip.

“Gratuity,” I answered.

The Boov invaded Earth. They erased landmarks with their scary Dalek-esque weapons. People disappeared along with the landmarks. When humans fought back, their weapons were destroyed and world leaders were threatened with certain death. People were ousted from their homes and then forced to relocate the whole of the United States of America’s population to Florida. Right before running into J Lo, Gratuity was shot at by another Boov.

This is  just in the first 60 or so pages of the book. I know you’re not supposed to trust trailers, but I’m afraid that the beginning of this movie is going to suck.


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