Dropping the Gauntlet


Sailor Avengers Wallpaper Pack by nna on deviantART

This is one of the most well-made, lovely, funny crossovers of thought that I have seen since the vampire that was actually a giant anthropomorphic mosquito. Also, it is nicer to look at, because obviously that second one is really gross.

I issue the challenge that somebody write this. I don’t care if it’s long, short, a poem, or TERRIBLE. Do it!


Okay, so today I had to drive up to the University Hospital to get blood drawn (I love every phlebotomist I have ever met) and then buy new baby clothes for the Owen Pants. Which were mostly shirts. I’m so exhausted.


2 thoughts on “Dropping the Gauntlet

  1. Let me think about this.

    If I rewrote the basic Avengers script to be about the actual team instead of Nick Fury, it might be fun to juxtapose that with the Sailor Scouts idea.

    It might even be more amusing with my limited knowledge and understanding of the Magical Girl genre.

    Challenge… considered!


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