Funny how it works out

I should have taken more screenshots, but I didn’t think about it until a few minutes ago.

So my Sim, Reagann Rhee has done crazy things on a whim. She went to a bar hoping to meet a guy and ended up flirting with the bartender the whole time. They dated for a while, but before she could decide whether or not he was The One, he screwed it all up. One day he called her, asking to hang out. She was busy, but I wasn’t really paying attention, so I clicked the button that told him to go ahead and come by. And what does he do? He stomps up to door, hunched-shoulders mad, and yells at her as soon as she comes out to let him in. She tried to calm him down for a bit, but nothing worked. She had to get ready for work, so she asked him to leave. He stomped off, she never called him again.

For a long time, she just worked and tended her garden. I got into a routine. This game is ABSURD in its time management. The day goes by really fast, and a lot of actions and animations take SimHours when they should take only a few SimMinutes.

Then one day, I had her go out to meet someone again, and chose the gym, a place I hadn’t bothered with yet. She met this ridiculously muscular guy outside, and they hit it off. The next day, he walked over and knocked on her door. He did not scream at her. Quite at random, and possibly by accident, I clicked Try for Baby.

All of my sims so far have been super fertile. It’s kind of weird. The next day or so, I got an alert saying she was pregnant. I’d forgotten to get her a pregnancy test. So she asked this guy out on a date and he became her boyfriend officially. She proposed the next day, because well, baby.

She went back to her routine, getting really impressively huge, until I realised that I should probably get them married before the baby was born. Not because of some social thing, but because it might we weird to have a baby around. (I had forgotten that the babies in Sims 4 are basically pointless and require almost no attention) So she called him over to plan the wedding. She went into labour while they were saying their vows.

Luckily, this is the Sims 4. Going into labour just meant that she had contractions while her friends drank Sweet and Zestys and ate BLT and wedding cake (she made the cake). Finally though, that baby has got to come. So she left her new husband with the guests (whom he didn’t know at all) and went into the baby’s room to… well, it’s the Sims 4. She’s going in there to have the most boring birth ever.

Sim 2 Birth

Sims 4 Birth

(forgive how bad the videos are, it’s hard to find decent or short ones)

Still, it’s pretty funny to imagine that my sim ran around trying to plan and celebrate her wedding in that condition. She’s a stronger woman than I am. The coolest thing I managed to do while in labour was sleep.

09-15-14_4-13 PM


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