My books are in boxes!

Le weep! Good thing I don’t have to box up my Kindle or I would just cry. I’m actually thumbing through some of the ebooks that mirror hard copies I boxed up. Also, the boxes haven’t actually gone anywhere yet, so they’re just sort of sitting in the boxes. Glowering at me with deep disapproval.

I forgot how dense Sister Fidelma books are, so I’m kind of cowering from it. It’s not like they’re long, they’re just… daunting. Fablehaven books are doorstoppers, but none of them have use words like tesserarius or dalaigh. So I’m hiding in Reached, which is actually way better than Crossed, so yay.

It’s weird to think that we’ll only be here for another month, and then it’s back to living with my parents. Granted, when I was living with them before, it was massively different. My sister had barely had her first baby when I moved out, and now she has two kids who both spend a significant amount of time at La Guardería de la Abuela. And we have Owen.

I spent Monday with them, and I have no idea what it’ll be like to live there. Owen tends to want to play with cousins or hang out with Savta, so I don’t think I can just play quietly with him downstairs listening to audiobooks like I do now. I may start staying up late to read or maybe I’ll just lose my mind. The future is so unsure! hehe.

Packing is only kindasorta happening, so we’re probably going to need the whole month. Oh well. I’m writing again. More next week.

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