We’re officially… half-moved back in to my parents’ house. Hubby seems to have orchestrated the whole thing, so I feel rather like Alice and her rabbit hole. I helped, but mostly I’ve concerned myself with Owen. It’s not as quiet here as it was at the apartment. Sometimes I think that’s a good thing. Owen needs some noise. And I really, really missed this neighbourhood. I certainly didn’t grow up here, but I have spent a lot of time in this area. I may start making regular trips to the park again, with and without Owen.

The highchair has been off and on the perfect thing at the apartment, but here, he won’t eat if he’s not in it. He’s not old enough for the booster seat yet. Although poor Abbie found her car booster seat in the stuff we brought over, and she had a very hard time accepting that she can’t ride in that instead of her car seat. Another year, I think. She lost a lot of weight when she was sick.

We got Kindle Freetime Unlimited for the free month. It’s a little disappointing to realise that it’s not as smoothly functional as it could be, and it certainly lacks the independence for very young children that Reading Rainbow has. Pre-readers are stuck needing a grown-up to read to them, and parents in need of hands-free moments may feel guilty letting their kids watch movies and play games a little more than they would have if there were some interactive or audio books.

Abbie is so excited that I may never have a minute to myself again, haha. She’s got Owen’s toys which means “new” toys, and her cousin and tía around all the time. She might get tired of me later, but its’s still party time. Owen misses his dad, though.

I think I was able to finish reading a couple of books, and I had a look at something I’d like to revise and continue. But I haven’t had a chance to try another start (false or otherwise) of Iona Bell. It’s hard to imagine beyond right now. We haven’t quite settled in, and half of our stuff is still at the apartment. We need a storage unit.


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