The Bride Says Maybe the first book was better

I don’t feel like actually writing a review for this one. I made the mistake of skimming through reviews and caught one that did not like the main character because she had a problem with the hero’s dogs. I just.. Ugh. I like dogs. I like cats. I am a pet person, although I haven’t been in a position to have one for a while. There was a time that I let my little dog Yoh sleep in my bed. (he was super tiny, I think my pillow was bigger) But I understand when other people don’t like dogs, and I also understand that it’s polite to seek their ease above my own in certain circumstances.

E.g., not letting my six or seven dogs of varying size leap onto the bed while my virginal spouse awaits the wedding night with extreme trepidation.

I’m sorry, but under those circumstances, I just don’t see her being in the wrong. The dogs jumped all over her, and they actually broke the bed and knocked her onto the floor. Yes, she did hit one of them, and that is not okay at all, but it sounded pretty accidental to me. Especially since that scene is from the hero’s point of view, and he invented perceived slights throughout the entire book. He absolutely never learned not to blow everything she did out of proportion and into a pointed, intentionally contrived insult towards his person. I spent most of the book utterly confused about where the hell he was getting this stuff from.

The guy acts like a teenage girl. It really pissed me off that her shouting that the dogs should stay outside (and yes, some dogs really cannot be kept outside, but most of the time, you can adjust them to not sleeping in your room/bed anymore. Ever try to sleep when your wolfhound wants to share the bed–with your leg in a cast?) WHICH SHE GETS OVER is held up on the same level as his inventing personal slights. Which he doesn’t get over. It keeps looking like he is, and then he does something worse.

Late into the book, they’ve finally got things mostly together, and then he lets a man whose opinion should mean NOTHING to him call his wife a whore and on that man’s word, believes she carries another man’s child. EVEN THOUGH SHE TOLD HIM THAT SHE IS A VIRGIN. On the strength of this worthless person’s word, he concludes that his wife is a liar and stops talking to her for bloody weeks.


I’ll admit, this hit a little close to home. At the tail end of an abusive relationship, I found out that my insignificant other was telling lies about me behind my back. At the time, I hadn’t even known my IO was mad at me. Turns out, IO was just a compulsive liar, along with everything else.

Anyway. The hero did apologise, and I was really glad that she didn’t let him be cute about it–but he never told her the reason he had refused to speak to her, or be in her company, or sleep in the same room… for WEEKS. He slept on chairs tied together in his efforts to avoid her. His behaviour was so repellent that I think I would have punched him in the face.

I was really looking forward to this, but it just didn’t fulfil my expectations. I liked it well enough, it just had all these things. Also, for some reason, my copy had all these typos in it. Like forgotten words and “expect” instead of “except” which a copyeditor is supposed to catch. What the crap, Avon?

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