Left this too long again.

So holidays are upon us. My sister’s birthday and Thanksgiving, then the horrifying slog through December that makes RELIEF a Christmas present for everyone.

We have successfully settled in, more or less, but there is still a lot of unpacking to do. And even more procrastinating. I find that it takes me much longer to finish a book. And somehow, I never have opportunity to write a review.

I am also trying to square away everything that made its way onto my To Be Read In Short Order list. I have also been calling it my Avalanche List or Avalanche Books because it all kind of snowballed into a ridiculous number very quickly.

If I can swing it, I would like to finish all of the books on that list by the end of December. Then, I will be able to start on my giant box of Romance as the beginning of my yearly book challenge.

What does any of that mean for my blog? Mostly that many posts will show up in the evening. I still haven’t caught up my betterised reviews with my Goodreads account, so those should continue. It isn’t likely that I’ll be able to start posting reviews concurrently, but if I do, that might be nice.

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