A million years ago, I was super into knitting hats with a round loom. I used to sell them in school. This is largely because I used to make them at school, often instead of eating lunch. Although I did make some with absurdly long length (and still have one of my favourite oversizes) and figured out how to add a bobble once, I never actually made more with the round loom than hats.

Recently, I dug them up out of wherever they’d been put away and found that a lot of my yarn store had survived. However, my looms did not. Some of the awesome wooden ones are still there, in a decent range of sizes, but it seems my Knifty Knitter looms are almost all gone to the great beyond.

They were also apparently discontinued by the manufacturer three years ago. I don’t think that’s changed, but I was able to find one of the 4-loom sets online.

In the meantime, I used my wooden looms to make a hat for Lucas, and one for Owen.



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