Ah, Holidays

I don’t think I have ever had much call to avail myself of one-day shipping, other than for my medication. And I don’t pay for that. But when I ordered some replacement round looms and knitting needles, I wanted to have them right away. I had actually intended to find a brick-and-mortar and buy them that day. I haven’t tried knitting in years, so I don’t think I’ll gain enough skill to make any gifts there, but the round looms were another story. I couldn’t even size Ollie’s and Abbie’s hats with what I had.

Or should I say, with what I have. Because one-night shipping be damned. I was supposed to get my items yesterday. Instead, we got some other order (gifts) that was coming on Prime free 2-day shipping. It came on time. The stuff I paid to have quickly did not.

Maybe my annoyance is not reasonable or even understandable, but I am still annoyed. However, it got a little funny this morning.

It’s my understanding that refunding the shipping charges should be automatic, but I don’t trust anything Amazon does automatically without there being an email or five hundred. I can’t return a library loan ebook without getting an email that my loan ended. So I checked the order to see what was going on there… and found a tracking update on the package saying that it had arrived in its destination country.

Followed by BOTANY, AU.

long trip

I almost wish I still worked at the post office so I could brag about this evidence of UPS not being good enough. I should have laughed my head off. What I did was panic and rush to contact a service rep. Because I wasn’t even sure I’d get a S&H refund without doing so. What about having to get my order replaced because a derp sent it off to some suburb in New South Wales that’s the size of Bee Cave.

The rep I got was oddly chatty and apologised so much I wanted to flick his nose. Which is hard to do over the internet. I got a refund, but now I don’t even have a good idea of when I’ll get my package, other than being asked to give it ’til the end of the 20th.

Just goes to show. Practise patience, or you’ll find yourself becoming intimately familiar with Botany Bay. Or something.


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