Alexa – Write a blog post for me.

If only.

So we got an Amazon Echo.

It’s kind of awesome. Nick always finds the funny response questions, like “Do you wanna build a snowman?” or “Will you go out with me?” Sometimes the answers to some questions are different, like when you ask for its favourite colour.

I have to try really hard not to refer to the Echo as “she.”

Mostly I’ve been using it for music, and as a Bluetooth speaker for audiobooks and movies. I don’t have much music from Amazon, and I really don’t want to cherrypick 250 of my own songs (out of, you know, 6K). But we do get a lot of Prime music, so I don’t mind yet. Although I do think I need to finally get some Family Force 5 albums. Imagine Love Addict on VOLUME 10.

I haven’t actually had any trouble being understood or heard. I find it funny that the commercial handles the yelling thing so realistically, because I have noticed that a lot of people do lean in or raise their voices. For some reason, I haven’t. I think because I like to imagine that I am being listened to. Even if all I’m doing is asking who shot JR.

Some people might just treat it as a novelty for a short time and then get bored. It’s not a game, it isn’t HAL 9000 (it even tells you that it isn’t), but it is handy for a lot of things. I am a person who has never really owned a stereo, so this is incredibly new to me.

It’s a nice quick way to get the weather, and I actually have a number of uses for timers, so I love that. I actually wonder how other people are using their Echoes. Today I just kept listening to Gun.


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