December Blues

Maybe it’s just the season, but I feel like I’m not getting anything done. My list of books to read before January only seems to grow (and somehow I’m never reading the books that I actually manage to list as Currently Reading) and while our present shopping is done, I haven’t wrapped a thing. Also have not unpacked much since the mass exodus of clothes that magically fit me again.

So that was pretty awesome. Somehow, no one has really noticed that I’ve lost that much weight. Or maybe the weather is a more pressing topic–we do live in Utah, after all.

This morning, we had a nice heavy rain. I had to drive in it, because some jerk who doesn’t know what sidewalks are for decided that he needed to walk in the right turn lane. For some reason, I couldn’t get back on the right path after that one missed turn, and I ended up so lost that my phone’s GPS literally could not find my location. I just used it for a minor thing last night, and then when I really needed it, it crashed every single time I opened the app. Every. Single. Time.

Oh, books. So many of the ones that I innocently put on my Avalanche List turned out to be the third or fourth in a series, or to be the start of a series that I expected to DNF and then devoured the first two books in a matter of hours. Right now I am supposed to be reading Joust, but that’s another series beginning, so maybe I should just put it back on the shelf and get to it later.


  • I took Hubby to see Big Hero 6 and he took me out to dinner after
  • Loved both of them (I do not remember if I saw any other movies this year)
  • (oh wait, I got to see Winter Soldier in OR)
  • And if no one gives me Professor Layton v Phoenix Wright, I will buy it myself post flipping haste

While I was trying to decide whether or not to just buy myself a 3DS XL, I found a tonne of games that I really want to see. Pokemon and Harvest Moon I would buy, and not mind if I don’t like them much. But I may look into getting Gamefly again. Maybe.

Speaking of subscription services, I just found Graze, thanks to SBTB. It’s pretty awesome. I’d go on about it, but I think Owen just woke up.

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