Friday Book Review – Crossed

This is one of my favourite reviews. It’s succinct, and only my opinion.

Have you ever known someone who was a perfectly good person, but you just couldn’t like them? Even if you forced yourself? For me, this book is that person. It’s wispy, overwrought, melodramatic, and obsessed with poetry. The only good thing about the wispiness is that it hides the underlying smugness at its own imagined beauty.

Honestly, the entire time I read it, I imagined the book being read by Rennet from Cold Comfort Farm.

Twirling and humming all the dang while.

I know that the poetry is a key part of the plot. I also know that whatever my opinion is on poetry itself, there are certain, shall we call them “fans” of poetry, whom I find aggravating in the extreme. They tend to have those traits I mentioned: wispy, overwrought, smug, etc. In Crossed, these fans are apparently going to save the world.

The writing is decent, and I liked the side characters. I also did not actually dislike Cassia or Ky, I just didn’t really get invested.

As such, I can’t decide if I want to read the last book or not. I just don’t care that much.

I did read the last book, mostly on a whim. My life is exactly the same as if would have been if I hadn’t read it.


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