Still waiting for stress levels to even out

Sometimes Owen will go to sleep any old way, so long as it’s dark and he’s had enough to eat. Today, it took me an hour to realise that he wasn’t going to sleep unless he got his routine. Five minutes of me holding him while we watched The Dark Crystal together and he zonked out. Effortlessly. Now I’ve got a migraine complete with light sensitivity and an upset stomach. Maybe I should just take a nap while he’s asleep.

We’ve been ready for Christmas for a while now, but it’s starting to hit home that other people aren’t. The only thing I have left to do is make fudge, which I had been putting off. I really really want to make flan, though. I hope there’s time for it. It definitely would have been impossible with our old kitchen (shaped like a tightly bent elbow and afforded about as much space) but I don’t know how booked my mum’s kitchen is going to be. Plans do not always follow through.

Although I did manage to make cookie cake pie in our old kitchen. It was much better the third time I made it though. Pro tip: Red velvet cake goes with just about everything, and graham cracker pie crust is best because it doesn’t take forever to cook all the way through. With those two, you can really put in any cookie dough. You wouldn’t think that red velvet would go with chocolate chip cookies, but it did. We also had so much cake batter left over that we made cupcakes. You’ve gotta make cream cheese frosting, though. I don’t think whipped or buttercream would have gone quite so well.

I’m almost 100% certain that we’re making fudge, since I intend it for a gift to specific people. Flan… 80% hopeful. Maybe we can even make cookie cake pie. Then no one will be able to lose weight before the end of the year, haha.


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