The New Year Approacheth

I have some pretty major goals. Weight loss? Heh, that’s for just about everyone, but I’ve made a good start. It helps that I have to chase Owen more and more. This upcoming year will mark the end of naptime. Some of my old clothes are starting to fit again.

Other stuff is not so easy. Nick is still working on the new Desiderata maps, and I’m going to get started on Clarion events when it’s complete. I’ll probably end up with a lot of new things, and maybe renew incidental NPC events. It feels like an immense amount of work. Particularly since I’m going to incorporate a quest log script. Maybe I’ll try to learn Ruby 2. Who knows if I’ll have the time.

Right now, I’m still dealing with frequent migraines–we’re talking near-daily, and about the same times–and depression that I’m pretty sure is snow-induced. Today, I drove through a miniature storm that really sucked. The roads weren’t actually drive-able for another couple of hours. It’s funny, I’m probably gonna live here for the rest of my life, and I cannot take the winters. Better tough up, I guess. Or get a fireplace. Another thing for the list. :)

It’s nice to take a break from reading. Being me, I’m not doing none of it… But less, and it’s mostly non-stressful. Backlogged ebooks, mostly. My books are still packed, and I can’t think of anything I MUST have enough to search through the many, many boxes.

Ugh, migraine again. This better be seasonal.


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