So far, so good

Thanks to the holiday, I got a head start on my reading for this year. I’ve also gone back to reviewing! Nothing too amazing yet, but I did also make a Booklikes account. It sees a fair amount of activity, and sometimes I’ll review there and not cross-post on Goodreads. Particularly if I don’t feel like writing more than a short note on what I thought. I’ve only read three books from the Giant Box, but it’s early days yet.

I saw my doctor today. It was incredibly nerve-wracking just to get there, and I got some mixed news. I look great, and I get to dial down both of my major medications. The bad news is not that bad, just kind of gross. I have a cyst in my toe. All this time, I thought it was arthritic swelling. But no, cyst. It’s an oddly pretty word for being so yucky a thing. I can have it resected, but apparently it’s not high priority.

What is high priority is our 90-day challenge! Starting January 12, my sister, parents, and me (along with a lot of other friends and relatives) are doing a Terrafit challenge. Ninety days of exercising, eating right, and drinking a lot of water. There are points and some kind of prize, but really, I just want to prove I still have the discipline to do things like this. Also, I need to keep losing weight, and it’s going too slow right now.

Hubby and I are also working together on the Desiderate redux. The maps are all new, the engine is the current crème, and the story is getting some needed overhauls. Some things are the same, but moving them is still work and it’s hard on my shoulders (because typing and bloody alt+tab). Plus, it’s a little boring to just copy events to the new engine. On the other hand, it can be stressful to change or create new events. …that’s still better/easier/more desirable though.


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