There’s a Party – 1

Suggested play: So Fine – Sean Paul

Finn climbed out of the taxi and into the crowd. It was mostly comprised of women, and most of those ranged between seventeen and twenty-four. A few of those nearest him sighed in appreciation as he smoothed his suit.

He wasn’t an expert on fashion. This was a secret. A few days earlier, he had gone into a high-end clothing store and made puppy eyes at a shop girl. She’d suited him up, and had slipped her phone number into a pocket for good measure.

The suit was as crisp as a fresh sheet of paper. He felt like he was wearing a cross between nori and silk. Halfway to the Executive Ballroom, he’d realised that he’d forgotten the tie. He fixed his collar in a half-hearted flare to make it look intentional. It had the side benefit of making his slightly unkempt black hair look stylish.

It only took a minute for the swoons to pass and the crowd to fold over him. The country had to be filled to capacity with people in from all over the world. Participation, parties, and romance. What more draw could they have added? Finn smiled and relaxed into the swell of strangers. They were headed in the right direction, after all.

The Executive Ballroom was lit up like a Christmas tree. A red carpet had been rolled out the front doors and a good way towards the sidewalk proper. Once Finn had stepped onto the carpet, the crowd tamed into a wide queue.

Almost tamed. One or two uninvited gestures had him spinning round to catch the culprit before he finally reached the opaque glass doors.

Luckily, the hands had been interested in his assets, not his invitation. The knot of burly royal guards expanded and then contracted around him. It was a little too warm, but the comparative privacy was nice.

He took the invitation out of his jacket and held it out for inspection along with his ID.

But rather than a grim nod and a tree-trunk arm ushering him in, what Finn got was a suspicious frown. “What is this?”

“My invitation.”

One of them had a hand cupped over one side of his face, muttering into a radio. Finn rolled his eyes, shoulders slumping. His ID had been returned to him. Not so the invitation.

“This is unbelievable. I was asked to come here!”

“Of course you were, sir.” They might as well have called him ‘miss,’ for all the attention paid.

Finn put his hands behind his back. The last thing he needed to do was lose his temper and start poking giants in their barrel chests. “I mean it. Ring Miss Park. She’ll tell you.”

The name didn’t have the ripple effect that he’d hoped for, but someone did take out a mobile phone. He crossed his fingers that they were phoning Miss Park and not the constabulary.

Behind the protective knot, the gathering throng was getting restless. Finn could see more than a few dirty looks. None of them seemed aware that he was the reason for the hold-up. Yet.

Suddenly the doors burst open. Finn whipped his head up. Miss Park had made an appearance.

She did not look happy about it.


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