I bought some books today!



I went to the library to drop things off and only pick up two or three books. It felt… unpleasant to walk out of the building without at least ten books, but I haven’t finished the ones from my last trip. So I made myself leave. Then I went back and bough a bag and everything I wanted to fill it with for three dollars. Some of them are things I’ve been meaning to read for a long time (like Succubus Blues and anything by Sabrina Jeffries) and also Winds of Change, my favourite Lackey trilogy.

Then this one I honestly got because of the cover:



Seriously, I want a poster of this. I know it’s not really possible, but I love it. It’s the second book, so I need to track down the first. I need to see if that cover is as glorious as this one.

There are life things that I ought to talk about, but it’s really late and I’m tired. I don’t have to exercise tomorrow, but I do have to spend the whole day with Owen the monkey.


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