90 Day Challenge

This is the end of the first week in the 90 day challenge that I’m doing. I have to eat a certain amount of meals and the diet is a restrictive one. It’s far less restrictive than others I have seen, though. And I don’t even  miss bread all the time. Even though I really love bread. Today, I started getting into some alternative recipes. I made almond flour pancakes, and although they tasted pretty good, they were a little too filling. They are also a pain in the butt to cook. They either burn or fall all to pieces. Or both.

The really hard part, honestly, is drinking 64 oz of water a day. Sloshing is not a problem, but visiting the loo 50 BILLION TIMES A DAY (and night) is. Sometimes I just glare at my glass, and people mistakenly believe I am saying that I hate them.

Still, it’s healthy, and I really need a drastic motion. I still haven’t managed to lose all of the weight from prednisone. And I’m going to have to deal with less Enbrel than I was used to before. Sometimes I wish I was rich, just so I could have this stupid medicine and not have to think about it beyond the schedule and the pain of injection. Other than when I want to buy a book, it’s the only time I really wish I was rich.

Today I went to do a betterised review, and just felt bored. I want to be writing, but not reviews. So instead, I’m going to start posting the Party snippets on Mondays. It gives me the whole weekend to work on it. I’m also looking at DIY MFA again, and trying to read less. …I swear, I am. I read faster now, so a book a day is not that weird.


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