Gotta stop trying to blog on Wednesdays

Owen has been sick this week, so his doctor’s appointment ended up being… not pointless, but draining. He has started crying when we get into an exam room, since he remembers getting shots, and he shuns me because it is My Fault. Due to his fever, he couldn’t have the vaccines we’d gone in for, but we did find out that he has a slight ear infection. So he got a prescription for that and some infants’ tylenol. He’s not as sick as he was before, though. In fact, he’s been rather jolly, at least after leaving the doctor’s office. Nurse visits to look forward to, hooray. I wish these vaccinations were just over with by now. A few more, and Owen will disown me and move out to live with Uncle Jared and Evil Uncle Spock.

That makes sense to a couple of people. I’m just too exhausted to explain. Real post tomorrow, IF I GET ANYWHERE NEAR MY COMPUTER.


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