National Reading Day

I’m not entirely sure who this day is supposed to be for, but I want to celebrate it. I’ve still managed to read a book a day–a challenge I think I’ll stop worrying about in Februrary–so today I think I’ll read two or three books. :) Even if they’re short. I have a couple of short books that have been waiting on my list for a while.


If I manage it, I’ll write up the reviews on Goodreads and Booklikes. Especially since I’ve finally gotten my Booklikes blog looking more the way that I want. Yay, CSS!

As for the big picture, I don’t know how possible 250-300 books this year will be. It’s only the first month, and I do get tired. Still, it’s nice to see my unlisted To Be Read list of books shrink, if only a little.

I think I’m coming down with something. My back hurts something fierce, and I can’t focus on a train of thought.


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