90 Day Challenge – Day 19

I’ve lost nearly ten pounds. I just wanna lead with that, because it’s the whole reason that I’m sticking with this. Some days are not so easy. It’s not so hard to drink all the water I have to, but it is difficult to plan trips around my bladder! Even a thirty-minute drive can be perilous. It’s like being pregnant again, except without all the really good parts. Like having cravings and getting to fulfil them. I miss that.

At first, I had a hard time working out, but that was mostly because I didn’t have a set workout or routine. I did stretches, went for walks. It was not very consistent. Then I got the bright idea to do what I did the last time I was trying to lose weight: get out my DDR stuff. Clearing a space is always the hardest part. Even one dance pad takes up about as much space as an activity blanket for a baby learning to crawl.

I could actually measure it, but that is about the size of it.

Yesterday, I was dizzy, nauseated, and generally weak. Not fatigued, but weak. I still managed to work out, and I started feeling sick an hour or two after, so it wasn’t from that. I’ve also got increased stiffness due to having less Enbrel, but I’m muscling through it. So all the physical side of my 2015 resolutions are going well with some difficult days but no real setbacks. I am absolutely loving my reunion with tea. I fell out of the habit of drinking it, and now it’s back like an old friend.

The other resolutions I have, to read and to write, are going well, too. I’ve still got to get past the ideas stage, which is proving difficult, but at least I have ideas. (on bad days, I only feel like I don’t have any ideas) As for reading… I did fail to finish a book one day about a week ago, but then I read two the next day to make up for it. Yesterday, I think I read two or maybe it was three. Today I may manage two, but it would be awesome if I could end the month with an even 40 books read. Right now I stand at 38.

Speaking of reading, I have a very unofficial goal to review most of what I read. Some of those reviews are going on Goodreads, while not-quite reviews go up on my Booklikes blog. Sometimes I get a little behind, but I try to catch up when I can. My book goals are not the same on both sites, because I was feeling crazier when I started my Booklikes account. 250 on Goodreads and 300 on Booklikes.


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