Love that blinking command line

The most fun thing I did today was to use my silly method of planning and free-writing. Every time I do it, it’s different. But it does always pretend to be a DOS command line. This time I tried to remember how actually executing a program looked like.

My first computer that wasn’t a borrowed Mac LC II was an Amdek 310a, which is pretty damn old school. It also explains my otherwise irrational love of plain text and amber text on a black background.


To this day, I miss the word processor. It was about the only thing that computer did, and I wrote stories that are completely awful and absolutely gone from this world. It was even better than when I had another school computer that came with a dot matrix printer when I was homeschooled-ish and taking a typing class. I wish I remembered what the WP was. Technically inferior to everything I use now. But nostalgia.

Oh well, I have FocusWriter with a similar theme. Which is probably better. I guess.


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